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1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

A White House RPG

Pennsylvania Ave
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Pennsylvania Avenue is an RPG based upon the inner working of the White House. The cast/characters will be loosely based upon the setup used within Aaron Sorkin's The West Wing but the actual characters will be of your own making.

There will be three levels of characters. The first level will consist of major characters. The second level is comprised of minor characters. The third level will be any NPC characters within the RPG.

Interactions can take place in various forms, including but not excluding:
AOL Instant Messenger
Yahoo Messenger

Posts will be composed of character sheets, chat transcripts, and fiction created by these chats and storylines. We also ask that you create a seperate journal for your character. Now that there are free accounts available without the use of a code this should be easy.

Entrance into the group will be moderated. We expect you to create your character. There will be a post which lists the open characters. That post will be linked within the LJ's memories.

Your moderators are docfraiser8 and kellsdwyn.
We haven't gotten this totally figured out yet, give us a little time and some booze.