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Chat - Veronica & Charlotte

ps_kale: ::knocks:: got a minute?
dcos_vschutte: ::looks up:: sure, what's up?
ps_kale: this ::points to coffee in hand:: is your official welcome present
dcos_vschutte: ::grins:: wonderful, thanks! Don't suppose Alex will come by later with another present... say, after this one's gone?
ps_kale: Doubtful, he's either high on chocolate or avoiding me because of the meeting notes I sent him. How's the first week going?
dcos_vschutte ::waves hand around:: good... I think. There's a lot to do around here, and I'm not quite sure where I should start. ::picks up folders:: Healthcare, finance reform... plus, y'know, the budget. ::smiles and sips coffee:: You getting along alright?
ps_kale: Yeah. I think. ::sits:: There's double the work I expected when I took the job. The campaign was...nothing like this.
ps_kale: And hey, speaking of budget?
dcos_vschutte: ::raises eyebrow:: uh oh...?
ps_kale: ::waves hand:: No, it's not a huge thing. I just have a press meeting with somebody from the Post this afternoon - I'm assuming we're staying quiet about the budget at the moment?
dcos_vschutte: Yeah... for a little while, anyway. I'd like to get something relatively scored before we start speaking in specifics.
ps_kale: Can I ask a favor? ::leans in:: ::smiles wide::
dcos_vschutte: ::laughs softly:: sure.
ps_kale: Please, please god, don't make me go to any budget meetings.
ps_kale: Send Alexander?
dcos_vschutte: ::laughs more:: I'm sure he'd love that.
dcos_vschutte: I'll see what I can do. I'm sure he'd like to have a DCD to send to all of them.
ps_kale: ::stands:: I'm sure he would too but I'm having trouble finding a guy. Someone that can play at that level ya know?
dcos_vschutte: Yeah... let's just try to keep him off of Monster, okay?
ps_kale: ::grins:: ::heads towards the door:: It's not gonna be easy but I'll do my best boss.
dcos_vschutte: ::laughs:: yeah, thanks. I'll keep my eye out for any good candidates.
ps_kale: ::stops at door and turns:: You're my favorite dcos ever, ya know that?
dcos_vschutte: ::grins:: well, you're my favourite press secretary.
ps_kale: Good. I'll bring more coffee later, but only because you said that.
dcos_vschutte: Next time, let's take a break outside.
ps_kale: ::points at Ronnie:: I like you. ::heads out the door and down the hall::
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