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Mod Post - OT

All positions in bold have been filled.
To apply for the other positions email the preferred position, a character summary, and a small scene from that character's POV to:

If more than one person applies for President we will run a primary of our own design.
If more than one person applies for a specific position we will make a decision between moderators.
The numbers indicate the character level.

President (1)
First Lady (2)
Chief of Staff (1)
Deputy Chief of Staff (1) - Veronica Schutte - dcos_vschutte
Communications Director (1) - Alexander Gannon - cd_gannon
Deputy Communications Director (1) - Aaron Harris - dcd_harris
Press Secretary (1) - Charlotte Kale - ps_kale
Public Relations Representative (1)
Senior Aides (1&2)
Secret Service (1&2)
Cabinet Members (2&3)
National Security Adviser (2)
Press Corps (1&2)
Senators (2&3)
Representatives (2&3)
...any characters we've forgotten.

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