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TO: Charlie, DCOS Schutte
SUBJECT: Aimless meeting #1 Notes.

Ronnie, If you'd pass the gist of this meeting along to the Pres I'd appreciate it. He asked for my opinion of the support he'd get from certain Dem Senators. Pierce is my first meeting. I see Moyzis and Reece next week. When's the pres due back from Camp David anyway? We need to start prepping for the SoftheU.

Charlie, I didn't catch you before you went home. Here are my notes from the meeting with Senator Pierce. Did I mention that the next time he's on my calender I'm calling in sick.
Priggish Little Ponce.......
Dem not sympathetic to the Pres. Not a good candidate for any help.
Opposed to the Assault weapons ban.
Highly religious. Berated me for using the lords name in vain.
Say's that any presidential action on healthcare has to be aimed at the conservatives.
Is willing to work with Hendrix's on the Stem Cell Research act...don't ask me how that fits in with the religious thing he has going.
Wants to discuss funding for a geothermal research plant in Ohio. OHIO! PORK BARREL!
Tipped me off that the Freshman senator from Mass is a big pres. backer. TALK TO HIM!

Dunno that we even discussed him co signing the Clean power act...he lead me in circles on nix him from the easy votes column.

He is the chairman of BHUA Committee. Although he's too conservative for my liking.

There was more, but I'll spare you the rambling and doodles. My overall opinion of him was that he's a jerk. He'd back the pres, but only if it got him something. I had Star pull up some research and the Stem Cell thing makes sense, he has a kid with Cerebral Palsy. So If we need him anywhere I say we put him on the ice for that. Anything else would make me widgy. Just so you know.

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